QR code encoder

Qrencode screen shot

Based on qrencode-3.4.4 C library linked statically
WIN32 and Linux GUI application based on fltk-1.3.3 C library linked statically
Encode text string in UTF8 or data from binary file to QR code
Store QR code as BMP or XPM image file
Copy and paste QR code in WIN32 and Linux GUI application
Print QR code in WIN32 and Linux GUI application
Use qrencode -h for more information in console application
Only single EXE file is used no instalation



Console application control program. GUI application to select console application, working directory and running parameters.
Only single EXE file is used no instalation. Based on fltk-1.3.3 C library linked statically. See help for more information..

Main features:

Console application control program



Intel hex file to binary file converter.
Use hex2bin -h for more information in console application.



Simple console cryptographic program.

Based on gmp-6.1.2 for RSA key generator, lua-5.3.4 for script executing and  zlib-1.2.11, bzip2-1.0.6,brotli-1.0.2  for compression. All libraries are linked statically
DOS/FreeDOS,WIN95,WIN98 versions are compiled by DJGPP(2.05) GCC5.1 on FreeDOS (Pent4). On DOS/FreeDOS version cwsdpmi must be used. LFN is supported.
WIN32 version is compiled by MinGW. No external cryptographic libraries (DLLs) are used.
Linux version is compiled by gcc. No external cryptographic libraries are used, no depencies.
Use hash -h for more information or read readme.txt.
Only single EXE file is used no instalation

HASH computing algorithmus:



HMAC computing algorithmus:




Key generator based on PBKDF2_SHA1, PBKDF2_SHA256, PBKDF2_SHA384, PBKDF2_SHA512

Key generator based on PBKDF2_SHA512 used for cipher AES128,AES192,AES256,RC4,DES,TRIPLEDES(EDC),XTEA,CHACHA128,CHACHA256

Public and private keys generator RSA512,RSA1024,RSA2048,RSA4096,RSA8192

For AES,DES,TRIPLEDES(EDC),XTEA,CHACHA keys initialisation vector ( IV) is generated.

Get RSA public key from certificate

Parse ASN1 certificate to console

Encryption method AES128,AES192,AES256,RC4,DES,TRIPLEDES(EDC),XTEA (CBC method),CHACHA128,CHACHA256

Possibility to compress by zlib-1.2.11 (deflate), bzip2-1.0.6 or brotli-1.0.2 before encryption.


Calculate SHA512 hash of all TXT files stored in directory C:\DOC and store result to file C:\HASH.SHA with verbose output to console
hash -v -mSHA512 -oC:\HASH.SHA C:\DOC\*.TXT

Check SHA512 hash of all files stored in file C:\HASH.SHA and store result to file C:\RESULT.TXT with verbose output to console
hash -v -mSHA512 -c -oC:\RESULT.TXT C:\HASH.SHA


TCP/IP <-> COM port/virtual COM port redirector.

WIN32 service redirects COM port or virtual COM port to local TCP/IP address and port. It is possible to redirect internet browser to local COM port as output from
embedded system.Compiled by MinGW or by VC. VCP is selected by VID, PID and version string. Localhost can be used. See COM port redirector from wikipedia.
It is possible to use more redirectors on the same computer.


Redirecting ST VCP to local computer port 8080
vcpredir -c"Vid_0483&Pid_5740/00000000050C" -p8080 -sAUTO
vcpredir -sSTART
vcpredir -sSTOP
vcpredir -sDELETE


Thermometer Go!Temp.


WIN32 thermometer application based on HID Go!Temp temperature sensor. Possibility to save date/time/temperature function to csv file.
Compiled by MinGW or by VC. Application is based on fltk-1.3.3 library linked statically. Only single EXE file is used no instalation.


DS18B20 USB Thermometer
WEB thermometer
USB thermometer based on sensors DS18B20, STM32F1 local WWW server, TCP/IP ST virtual COM port redirector and Mozilla Firefox as display

DOS Ethernet packet sniffer
Ethernet packet sniffer

Used for sniffing ethernet packets including ethernet header (MAC) and store result to file.
Compiled by djgpp, cwsdpmi must be used and packet driver must be installed in DOS or FreeDOS system.
For WINXP, WIN2000 and NT4 SwsVpkt Virtual Packet Driver is recommended.


MP3 stream player

MP3 stream player

Console MP3 stream player is is based on libmpg123-0.dll, libcurl.dll and zlib1.dll
Compiled by MinGW or by VC.
Supported WIN2000, WINXP, WINME, Vista, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10,.32/64 bit version  (minimal processor pentium)
Play list m3u is supported. See redme.txt for more information



csdpmi7b CWSDPMI binary distribution (release 7) for DOS/FreeDOS djgpp console applications